MULLER FILTER, with 40 years experience in OE filter development , places itself like an European Independent After market key supplier, offering an original quality range with a continuous product extension.
MULLER FILTER product line, with over 2.000 types of oil, fuel , air and cabin air filters, covers about 95 percent of European and Asiatic passenger car and light commercial vehicles applications.

The advantages of a family-owned company permit Muller Filter to reach fast decision-making process and reply quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions.


supply replacement products following original standard and performance

Flexible logistic and production facilities .
Warehouse with 96% order carry-out guarantee

Muller Filter team aim “ Long term partnership”


MULLER FILTER has its headquarters in Campiglione F.le (Italy) about 40 Km. from Turin; with a surface of 22.000 square meters, 6.000 mq of them covered.


1974 Components under FRAM U.S.A. lycense
1986 From components to complete Filter
1994 Muller Filter trade mark registration
1998 First Automechanika Frankfurt
2000 New Factory in Luserna S.G. - Italy
2002 Certification ISO 9001:2000
2005 New Air Filter Production Line
2008 Certification ISO 14001
2010 TECDOC Global Data Supplier


All the production processes follow the international operating procedures .
The company invest in research for supporting the development of new products , specially in first equipment (o.e.m.).
Thanking to new machinery product technologies, Muller Filter improve quality and optimize manufacturing time.
Stringent material and product controls supported by main certificated laboratories, ensure the maximum filtering performances.


Filter Program: Complete range with High market coverage
On-line Catalogue: Weekly update with continuous program extension
Paper Catalogue: Updated and easy to consult
CD-Catalogue: Quick to install
TECDOC: Global Certified Data Supplier
Service Bulletin: Weekly sending of complete info about new items
Gadget: Posters, Overalls, Polo, Plastic bags, Pens, etc